‘we have many native languages, but one only human language,
we are one only humanity’:
Together in Syntony,
we are creating Empathy, Peace, the grandest Symphony on Earth

to date 3'611'396 People from 62 Countries
listen sing play the same MUSIC: the symbol of our human language
in Cities all over the Earth - on the same day, 21. February - at the same hour, 11am UTC


How to participate together                The Music ÌNIN                  join One Earth Choir - iscriviti qui

on the Path of the Peoples
Your Voice for One Earth Choir
                                            a Project by Anna Bacchia 
One day – 21. 02. every year
One hour – 11.00 Greenwich mean time
Seven continents, people in cities wherever
sing - listen - play  the same music,
conducted in video by the same conductor -
the grandest collective creative Gesture, a symbol which narrates
many native languages - one only Human language, one only humanity -
Empathy coherence and trust, as pillars of culture -
The largest Dialogue among Citizens of the Earth: a Symphony

The One Earth Choir Day is the 21. February -
How to participate - click here