ÌNIN Symphony

Perhaps you are asking about the term ÌNIN: which language does the term ÌNIN belong to?
ÌNIN does not belong to a language, ÌNIN is a new word -

- ÌNIN is a sound ìn IN ÌN in -
- it is 1 + 1 = 1
- ÌNIN is a door without door
- ÌNIN is an IN-plicit Intuition, hidden within the folds of the visible - it is INtimate INsight
- it is the INvisible INscribed in the white spaces between the lines on the page
- ÌNIN is an architectural module, is architecture
- ÌNIN is a neverending resonance
- ÌNIN is the field of unlimited possibilities inscribed in the individual being

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The ÌNIN One Earth Choir Event as a Symphony
The ÌNIN ONE EARTH CHOIR was born as a Dream -
And it can remain a Dream, an ever-existing Dream in the Soul of the Earth -
The Event can remain a Unique Moment where millions of human voices can recognize to be One: One Choir -
It can be a Symphony - A moment to give Voice to the Human Soul on the Earth -
Each 21. February -

flying over earth

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